Sunday, March 2, 2014


I decided to write on blog again, but not here. I will move to Wordpress from now on, and it'll be about less-personal things in English. (Indonesian personal things will be written in my KAORINusantara blog, and English personal things will be written on my Tumblr)

I hope you will enjoy my writings too there!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

\Gatcha!/ A Colorful Fun Ride with Gatchaman Crowds

Though everything I would probably rant about in this post is Rui, Hajime, and Rui/Hajime, I tried to post something about a really fun anime I just finished and that I regretted not picking it up earlier as I picks up dusts from this blog (And probably will change blog themes later).

(Psst, this show got a second season!)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kagerou Daze Official Anthology -SUMMER-

Tempted by Takane in maid outfit (Itokichi's comic), I finally gave in and ordered my copy of this KagePro Anthology. As the title suggests, this anthology have the theme of 'Summer', which was pretty much a theme on KagePro universe already, however, this anthology pretty much took a comedy turn of the Summer theme.

((Also you might know or not, not long after this got released, there was several other KagePro news I posted already on my page in Indonesian, such as SHAFT going to animate 'Mekaku City Actors' and the release of Otsukimi Recital and Yuukei Yesterday PV, but I won't be writing them on a new post here because I was too late.))

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Album Review/Impression x 2] Neru's 'Sekai Seifuku' and ClariS ' Second Story'

Impulse buying is really something I need to control, but for this two, I'm glad I did impulsive buying--- actually, I did enjoy my impulsive buying most of the time. *coughs* So, as you can see from the picture, I finally got my hands on two albums a regular first press copy of ClariS' Second Story and first press copy of Neru's Sekai Seifuku!

Since it's two on a go and I'm too lazy, this review might be short. I'm going to add a new tag for my album reviews, I guess... Also some artists tag~

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Little Page of a Little Fangirl opened!

Wujud Kirino saat fangirling adalah 'spirit animal' saya.

Berhubung saya sendiri merasa post terlalu pendek sudah tidak pantas dan sayang jika ada di blog seperti ini, tapi sayang kalau tidak dipost, saya membuka versi fanpage untuk ngepost berita anime yang saya rasa cukup menarik. Blog ini akan jadi murni untuk review dan post yang sedikit panjang!

Silahkan like page ini!

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