Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ayano's Happiness Theory

"When there's happiness in KagePro song title, it's not going to be happy."
--Someone on tumblr

Coming faster than expected, it's Ayano's Happiness Theory, the 11th story of Kagerou Project! This song is a part of the second and final Kagerou Project album, 'Mekaku City Records', and it sure have lots of things revealed....But just like as usual as it is with Kagerou Project newer songs, it answered some questions and raised other questions.

As the title suggested, this song revolved around the character Tateyama Ayano, who we have seen as the heroine in Toumei Answer and made appearance on the Yuukei Yesterday portion of the novel. However, this song revealed that Ayano isn't only a side character that committed suicide in Toumei Answer--- she's the founder of Mekakushi-dan, No.00, and possibly one important character in the entire series that sacrificed herself!

Kano and Seto was domestically abused and Kido was assaulted?! ;_;
From what we could see on the PV, the Tateyama family adopted / took care of Kano Shuuya, Kido Tsubomi and Seto Kousuke when they were little. Kano, Kido and Seto seemingly to suffer from a trauma on their childhood which triggers their eye powers (see image above), and they hated their eye powers that made them called 'monster' by other people. However, Ayano becomes their older sister figure, saying that 'Red is the color of a hero!' and they made Mekakushi-dan. 

I really liked Shidu's style on this PV, btw.
They happily lived together, however the happiness didn't last forever. Ayano's mother passed away, and Ayano found out Kenjirou broke down and got involved in some kind of experiments involving Haruka and Takane, and possibly endangering everyone's 'happiness' or even lives too. 

So Ayano comes out a plan of her own to save everyone---- possibly by sacrificing herself to something, which possibly ends up in killing herself.

My impression on this? So far, this is one of the most emotional songs in the entire Kagerou Project--- and I'm so glad that Ayano is not just a 'side character'!

I'm also really glad that Kano, Kido and Seto's childhood is shown, though their dark past as only a glimpse. The tune itself aren't much to my liking--- probably my favorite slow KagePro song will always be Toumei Answer, but I really liked the story and of course, the PV. Shidu's sketchy style really worked well on this!

The next one? We still don't know, and probably there are not until the second album.... Which is released next month along with the third novel that will reveals a lot of things! I'm excited for all of them!

By the way, I got my Kagerou Project anthology DOWNER, but I probably won't review them unless there's demands...


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